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In September 2022, Roland Hegi and Felix Waldispuehl started to gather ideas for a progressive rock longtrack in Roland`s recording studio.


After the two musicians had previously worked together in the instrumental prog rock band FORS, as well as Roland co-creating some of Felix` tracks, the idea of a new project came up. 


The track "Out of balance", which was the starting signal for the first FLAME DROP album "Flow", was the first joint composition. 


Roland`s guitar melodies, riffs, synthesizer harmonies as well as bass grooves and rhythmic ideas merge with Felix` drum grooves, piano harmonies/melodies and spherical ideas. 


The two musicians draw from their creative pool which is influenced by dozens of bands and performers from the prog rock and fusion history.


So far the music is purely instrumental and all instruments and effects are played by Roland and Felix. 

The name FLAME DROP stands as a synonym of the two protagonists. 


In addition, Roland acts as producer of FLAME DROP's music and also designs the visual realization of the compositions.

Stylistically, FLAME DROP may be assigned to progressive rock. 


However, FLAME DROP will not set itself any creative limits.

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drums, pianos, keyboards, djembe, trombone

Felix grew up in Zurich/Switzerland and felt the initial spark for rock music and progressive rock in particular through the contact with Pink Floyd at the end of the 80s as a teenager.


His subsequent career as a phonogram apprentice as well as concert-goer strengthened the desire to consume as much music as possible, but also to play and later create it himself. 


When he finally picked up the drumset at 18 and a few years later discovered the first steps of song-writing through a basic piano course at university, the way was paved.


Felix was the drummer of the established Pink Floyd tribute band "Crazy Diamond" in Switzerland for 10 years, plays regularly with the trio "Tsering Purtag`s Rockfuel" and was active in various projects/bands (from Dixieland to Musical).


He has been living out his love for creating music for over 20 years with the project "feelX" with various musicians and now with



You can find more of Felix's work at

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guitars, bass, synthesizers, keyboards, drum programming, recording/mixing/mastering, producer, visualization

Roland was born in Basel/Switzerland. He is a dynamic and spherical guitarist who brings authenticity, deep expression and emotion to his performances. He loves to play live on stage! Progressive rock is his passion.


Besides his commitment as a live guitarist, he has been continuously building up his recording studio over the last years, expanding his knowledge regarding compositions, recording and mastering, and developing his musical skills on instruments such as bass, synthesizers and other instruments.


Roland has played in bands like FORS, Paul Mancini Group, Pazzoo, Troppo Forte, Sweet November, The Space Orchestra and has been a studio guitarist on countless productions of other artists.

FLAME DROP is Roland's current musical focus. 

He has many musical influences including bands such as Genesis, Yes, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Transatlantic, Neal Morse, David Gilmour, Peter Gabriel, Weather Report, Steve Lukather, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, Oceansize, Steve Hackett, Jaco Pastorius, Jan Garbarek, The Black Atlantic, Vangelis, Circus, Utopia, Brand-X, Riverside, Sigur Rós, Marillion, Mogwai, Steven Wilson, Blackfield... and many many more.


You can find more from Roland on his webpage

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art work & graphic design

Julia is responsible for the art work & graphic design of FLAME DROP.

You can find more of Julia's creative work  on her website

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